Scintillation Probes

SS404 Al Probe and Be Probe

The SS404 Al is a thin crystal Na(Tl) end-window scintillation probe designed to be an equivalent to the Mini 44A

This probe incorporates a Ø 32 x 2.5mm thick Na(Ti)crystal mounted on an aluminium window and is fitted with an internal 3.15mm lead collimator to reduce background counts.

The SS404 Be is similar to the SS404 Al but is fitted with a beryillium window which extends the low energy response down to 5 keV making it suitable for counting 55Fe.


SS404 AI Be Probe.jpg


SS500 Probe

The SS500 is a very sensitive end-window gamma scintillation probe.

Equipped with a ø 25.4 x 25.4mm Na(Tl) crystal. It is designed to provide a cost-effective gamma monitor for energies of 50keV upwards.

SS500 Probe.jpg






Efficiencies (Listed as a percentage of 2π emission rate)