Laundry monitor

HLM-6 Laundry monitor

Precise contamination monitoring for clothing, towels, overshoes and other items.

The HLM-6 Laundry monitor is designed for the measurement and release of clothing items such as overalls, towels and overshoes from controlled areas. Featuring automatic measurements and a  stainless-steel grid conveyor, the HLM-6 provides precise and reliable detection of contamination supported by an impressive mathematical algorithm. Detectors, positioned to reduce dead zones, measure materials on the moving conveyor through the tunnel, above and below.  A touch screen display positioned next to the user on a moving arm, allows for convenient and easy operation during measurements and service mode.


 HLM-6 Profiel.jpg

Key benefits

• 2m by 1m measurement belt

• Automated adjustable distance between detector and material

• Variable conveyor speed

• Equipped with heavy duty lockable wheels

• Automatic start/stop measurement

• Power provided by UPS for measurement PC during mains power outage

• Stainless Steel lining for easy decontamination

• Access to historical measurement data via integrated database

• Export of measurement/parameter data in XML format via USB

• Network capability for remote monitoring and supervision

• Access to JFN's test tool software for detector analysis

• Loading tray


For more information, please download the datasheet below:

HLM-6 Datasheet