HBP/HBG-29 Body contamination monitor

A robust and modular whole-body monitor designed to ergonomically fit varied human geometrics


The HBP/HBG-29 is a whole-body contamination monitor to measure personnel leaving controlled areas. The option to have this monitor utilise either beta plastic detectors or gas flow proportional counters is available. Robust, with a modern design that integrates the latest available industrial technology, 

the HBP/HBG-29 is optimised for users of all sizes. Featuring a detector arrangement to meet the geometry of the human body, the monitor is a modular concept to ensure its longevity. The HBP/HBG-29 is configurable as a pre-monitor as an option.



Key benefits

• Whole body measurement in 2 easy steps

• Ergonomic detector positioning

• Energy filter settings to optimise discrimination of background radiation

• Power provided by UPS for several measurements during mains power outage

• Access to historical measurement data via integrated database

• Export of measurement/parameter data in XML format via USB

• Ample service space in a footprint of 900 mm x 840 mm (W x D)

• Modern touch operated display

• Intuitive user-friendly software

• Digital gas flow measurements (HBG-29)

• Stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and durability

• Modular and robust design concept

• Network capability for remote monitoring

• Access to JFN's test tool software for detector analysis


For more information, please download the datasheet below:

HBP/HBG-29 Datasheet