Contamination monitors

Providing effective early warning of the presence of surface contamination and help prevent accidental transfer of radioactivity.

We all know how vital it is to prevent inadvertent contamination as personnel and equipment move to and from active areas. James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) can offer you a range of monitors that will reliably detect surface contamination on personnel, clothing and equipment and help prevent any transfer of contamination outside radiation controlled areas. 

With an array of features our installed systems will allow the monitoring and detection of trace levels of alpha, beta and gamma contamination, providing protection to the workforce and preventing the spread of contamination.

All the monitors are available with a range of detector types, with a choice of either conventional large area gas-flow proportional counters or with the latest beta and gamma detection technology. All instruments benefit from modern measurement electronics designed for ease of operation and maintenance. Voice guidance and graphical user interfaces ensure that measurements are effective and results clearly displayed. In-built maintenance tools help to optimise system set-up and minimise equipment downtime. 

Our highly experienced team will help you find the right solution to help you monitor and maintain the integrity of your active area boundaries.