HWM-1800 Free release chamber

The next generation in large volume clearance monitors.

Our HWM-1800 is JFN's largest clearance monitor boasting an impressive 1800L volume and up to 1000kg of material in one measurement. Equipped with highly sensitive detectors and a built in weigh scale,
the HWM-1800 provides fast and reliable detection of gamma radiation. Chain-driven conveyors to the front and a material transporter supply material to the chamber for a range of container types. A range of measurement modes are available with the capability of manual and automatic processing of material by the operator via PLC control panel.

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Key benefits

• Maximized detector sizes: Industry leading dead zone reduced design (>70% coverage)

• Leading industry design with modern components

• Excellent approximation of homogenous activity distribution using geometric calibrations

• Energy filter settings to optimise discrimination of background radiation

• Nuclide Tracker Module using multi-channel energy analysis

• Nuclide management according to international lists

• Graphic location of contamination hotspots

• Measurement of various container types

• Automatic conveyor system to the front and inside chamber

• Stainless Steel housing and lining for easy decontamination

• Authorisation levels to tailor access for users

• Modern Web based autonomous software

• Export of measurement data in XML format via USB

• Historical data access for all measurements via integrated database

• Network capability for remote supervision and monitoring

• Access to JFN's test tool software for detector analysis

• PLC controlled with intuitive graphical user touch interface panel

• Compliance with current standards: Analysis to ISO11929


For more information, please download the datasheet below:

HWM-1800 Datasheet