HWM-180 Release monitor

An efficient 2 door release monitor with fast reliable decision measurement

The HWM-180 is designed for the measurement and release of materials, up to 100 kg, from controlled areas.
Utilising two doors with an interlock system, the HWM-180 is ideal as an automated release measuring system.
Featuring four sensitive gamma plastic detectors and a built-in weigh scale, the system provides fast and reliable detection of contamination in materials.


 HWM-180 thumbnail.jpg

Key benefits

• Housing with cassette design for minimal irradiation

• Reduced dead zones : >70% coverage (inner chamber to detector size)

• Nuclide composition suggestion from detector pulse analysis

• Power provided by UPS for several measurements during mains power outage

• Two door interlock system with the option to use one door only

• Energy filter settings to optimise discrimination of background radiation

• Stainless Steel housing for easy decontamination

• Intuitive software that is easy to use

• Ergonomically positioned touch operated display

• Access to historical measurement data via integrated database

• Export of measurement/parameter data in XML format via USB

• Network capability for remote monitoring and supervision

• Access to JFN's test tool software for detector analysis

For more information, please download the datasheet below:

HWM-180 Datasheet