HWM-400 Free release chamber

A compact monitor for gamma detection in small to medium sized materials 

The HWM-400 is JFN's compact clearance monitor for the release of small to medium sized materials, up to 150 kg, as an automated release measuring system. Featuring six gamma plastic detectors and a built-in weigh scale, the HWM-400 provides fast and reliable detection of gamma radiation. Equipped with the latest measuring electronics and a built-in maintenance module, the HWM-400 allows optimisation of the system to ensure consistent peak performance. 


 HWM-400 thumbnail.jpg

Key benefits

• Reduced dead zones: >70% coverage (inner chamber to detector size)

• Steel Frame with Stainless Steel lining for easy decontamination

• Nuclide composition suggestion from detector pulse analysis

• Graphic indication of contamination hotspots

• Fully automated measurement process with user guidance

• Export of measurement data in XML format via USB

• Energy filter settings to optimise discrimination of background radiation

• Access to historical measurement data via integrated database

• Intuitive and user friendly software

• Network capability for remote monitoring and analysis

• Access to JFN's test tool software for detector analysis

For more information, please download the datasheet below:

HWM-400 Datasheet