JFN radiation screening system helps protect London 2012.

JFN worked to develop a radiation screening system for the Olympic Delivery Authority to put in to place a comprehensive package of radiological security measures.

The 2012 London Olympics was the highlight of that summer for the UK and much of the world, and James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) was proud to play their own part in helping ensure the safety and security of the games, having previously provided inspection and measurement services for a number of other homeland security applications. The team responsible for this successful project is now an integral part of JFN's new venture, James Fisher Nuclear GmbH

To protect the Olympic Park a complete radiological screening system was set up, capable of monitoring 100% of pedestrians and vehicles into the venue in East London. The system was designed to identify any source of radioactivity that could be a potential threat to the Games and members of the public. To achieve this the team at JFN needed to design a solution, procure, configure and test the equipment, and install, within the tight timescales and budgets that the event organisers required.

This fully integrated system was networked across the Olympic Park and monitored approximately 4 million members of the public and Olympic staff from a central control room, during the build-up to the Games and the Games themselves, making it the largest radiological screening of its type in the UK.

The system identified approximately 30 persons, who had undergone medical treatment involving radioactivity and consequently triggered the system alarms. However, thankfully, no sources that posed a threat were identified. 

 Download the JFN radiation screening system helps protect London 2012 case study.