Supporting the Magnox nuclear power plants in the UK 

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) holds contracts for radiometric instrument metrology services for the ten Magnox nuclear power plant sites across the UK. 

The contracts provide calibration, maintenance and repair services in support of both the portable and installed radiation protection instruments (RPI).

Services provided include supporting Magnox by ensuring that portable radiation protection instruments are maintained, calibrated and repaired where necessary – all resulting in the appropriate instruments being available to users at all sites at the required times. Magnox uses a wide range of portable instruments to ensure safe operations on its sites including portable radiation and contamination monitors, electronic personal dosimeters and air sampling monitoring equipment.

This has resulted in the following benefits for Magnox Ltd:

  • High instrument availability which directly has led to reducing queues which translates into large cost-savings on projects.
  • Undertaking minor repairs of portable instruments on-site can result in at least two days additional usage.
  • Greater instrument availability has led to far fewer staff complaints and reduced management time resolving issues arising from resource constraints caused by instrument breakdowns.
  • Improved work efficiencies from having multi-skilled technicians on site rather than multiple visits from single skilled technical staff.

JFN also support equipment from a number of different manufacturers to ensure that Magnox projects and operations that rely on radiation protection health physics instrumentation will perform to full potential. 

Download our radiological instruments services case study.