Radiological clearance and contamination

JF Nuclear GmbH supports industry with accurate and reliable radiological clearance and contamination instrumentation, ensuring full confidence in personnel protection.

At James Fisher GmbH (JFN GmbH) we know that preventing inadvertent transfer of contamination from an active area is vital to the safe running of a nuclear facility. Whether that is as a result of personnel movement or equipment and tools prior to being released.

Potential issues need to be quickly and accurately identified and action taken. It is vital, therefore, that the monitors you choose are accurate, reliable, easy to use and robust. With JFN GmbH you can be confident that our monitors will keep your personnel and the wider public safe from possible contamination.

Our highly experienced team will help you find the right solution to help you monitor and maintain the integrity of your active area boundaries. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you to meet your plant safety goals.

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